Network Operations Center

A new Network Operations Center will be established at the premises of Fantsuam.
The new NOC will not only host the network servers but also the Power Backup System that is being deployed to ensure reliable services at Fantsuam.

The main goal of the new NOC is to try to build a dust-safe space with good cooling capabilities. The NOC should be designed to host the battery banks and south-facing solar panels.

The building will accommodate the following spaces:

Battery storage room
Area: 7.6 m2
The battery storage should be able to accommodate a maximum of 60 (200
Ah) batteries. Space for an inverter and regulators are also needed in this room. The batteries will be stacked vertically on a concrete based shelf structure.

Server room
Area: 8.4 m2
The server space should be able to accommodate a rack unit for servers
and a cooler. The room should have no windows to avoid dust and heat. Natural cooling techniques will be used (earth bricks).

Working space for technical team
Area: 11.2 m2
This space should be able to accommodate at least 6 people.

Storage space
6.3 m2
Space for storage of wireless equipment.

Toilet and lobby
Area: 5 m2

Area: 9.2 m2

Total area: 47.74 m2

The server room and the battery space require effective low cost cooling as they need to operate 24x7.
This will be solved by using natural cooling techniques, together with conventional AC's and thick walls (double width) in the direction of the sunset.

Solar panels
The South side of the building will host 24 panels (on the roof) of 55 Wp facing south and with an inclination of 20 degrees.
Extra efforts has been made to keep the panels easy reachable for cleaning and maintenance. To obtain the necessary south-facing roof surface and the right angle, the roof has been raised to 3.5m instead of normal 2.7-3.0 m. The roof will also be strengthened to be able to carry the extra load of 150-200kg that the panels weight.