The establishment of a Communication Tower

A 45m tall self-standing mast has been installed at the premises of Fantsuam Foundation.
The mast has been equipped with earthing and lighting protection together with the mandatory signal light installation.

Lightening Arrestor and Earthing
The lightening arrestor was mounted to the highest point of the mast to protect the equipment against lighting strikes. It is made of pure copper material and connected to an earth mart at the base of the mast using a copper tape. the earth mart is buried in the ground at about a depth of 4 feet. The three legs of the tower are connected to the earthing circuit. A cable runs from the jGrounding circuit to the equipment room where it is connected to a copper bar (testing bar) on the wall. The testing bar is where all other equipments to be grounded are connected.

Signal Light
The signal light mounted at the top of the mast is a requirement from the Civil Aviation Authorities.
The light is equipped with a photocell which enables automated switching with the level of ambient light. In this way, the light comes on at night and goes of during the day. It is powered, independently from the equipment in the mast,from the system's mains.