Radio Hardware

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Question 1:

What is the reason that the AP and the CPE are from different vendors? We would prefer to see the both devices from one single vendor since interoperability can be an issue.

Answer: There is no interoperability issue since both radios use IEEE 802.11a/b/g industry standards, increasingly being demanded by wireless network providers.None of the radios is proprietary. The choice of Access point is such that most features required by ISPs and wireless network providers are made available to you and the choice of CPE is mainly to provide the best value for money. As i said, we have found this combination to be optimal interms of delivering value and affordability. We can offer you CPEs from smart bridges as well but they cost about $550 apiece.

Question 2:

What kind of QoS is guaranteed with the Smartbridge?

How is the hidden node problem handled?
Is polling used?

Answer: Here are some features of the smartbridge radios that should throw light on this concern of yours

* Innovative multi-band radio with integrated multi-band antenna provides 27 non-overlapping channels

* Configurable QoS parameters for prioritization of different traffic types (voice, video and data)

* Optimized for VoIP traffic with small UDP packets

* Best-in-class radio performance with COFDM technology to ensure high data rates, high spectral efficiency, and immunity to interference and multi-path delays

* High transmit radio power and ultra high receive sensitivity for Long-Range™ coverage

* Able to operate as Point-to-Multipoint access point in Fully transparent Bridge, Router or NAT mode

* Programmable upstream/downstream data throughput settings for individual clients

* Calendar profile capability for time-based management of multiple clients

* Wireless access point with integrated Layer 3 wide area edge router functions and Spanning Tree Protocol

* DHCP server and relay support

* Secure data communication using Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2- IEEE802.11i) with 128 bit AES

* Unified Web and SNMP MIB-II compliant remote management interface.

* Built-in tools to analyze and monitor link condition

* Purpose built for harsh outdoor environments; encased in heavy-duty UV stable plastic housing, this fully weatherized outdoor unit operates in temperatures ranging from -49ºF to +140ºF (-45°C to +60°C)

Question 3:

The original network architecture that we proposed in the project proposal, includes the following access points:

- BSU with polling (Proxim Tsunami MP11 2411, outdoor)
- RSU with polling (Proxim Tsunami MP11 2454-R, indoor)
- Compex WPP54G (outdoor)

Can your local supplier provide you with any of these brands and models?

Answer: The radios we have proposed to you will perform just as well as these ones if not better, but at a much better price. What we propose are radios that are popular in the Nigeria market and thus enjoy better technical support from the market place. However, if you insist on the Tsunami radios, we can provide you a quote.