Grid­ Connected Backup System for Fantsuam Foundation Load and design requirements

The System Requirements of the electrical power backup system has been defined and documented. The document has been sent out to suppliers in the region as a call for tender.

The full document can be downloaded here.

The requirements can be summarized as following:

  • The main source of alternate power for all subsystems should be groups of deep cycle batteries.
  • All the subsystems with exception of L4 should be connected to the grid and received stabilized power when available
  • The L1 subsystem (NOC) should include a solar­PV caption system as an extra source of energy. The maximum size of this system should be 2 KWp.
  • In order to evaluate the cost savings of using low power equipment in load subsystem L2, the quotes should include a comparative price for a daily load of 45 KWh vs 25 Kwh.
  • The design should allow the charge of the batteries from the existing generator.
  • The design proposal should include an overall design of the installation and the type/model/origin of equipment to be implemented.
  • The design proposal should include the costs for all internal wiring and electrical installation necessary, including grounding, sockets, distribution and dividing boxes, etc.
  • The design proposal should assume that the batteries, solar panels, inverters should be placed in the new network operation center.
  • Comparative prices between equipment options should be included including benefits and drawbacks of the different options.
  • Warranties of both hardware and installation should be included.
  • First expression of interest and initial quotes are expected before the 10th April 2007