Fantsuam Online Meeting June 19th 2007

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Edith Adera
John Dada
Ochuko Onoberhi
Alberto Escudero Pascual
Louise Berthilson

Notetaker: Louise Berthilson

Migration to new ISP

The new ISP is Koochi Communications which has bee recommended by The London based ISP will implement a “Pay as You go “ system to Fantsuam. The installation of the PAYG system is expected to be in place by the 9th of July.

The cost of the hardware for the PAYG system is 3,199 USD which includes and outdoor unit, indoor unit and a dish.
The annual tariff of the PAYG system is 562 USD (N 72,000) year which includes 7.5GB data download (valid for 365 days) and 100 MB free data download per month. The PAYG system would be accessible to Fantsuam through a 256/512 kbps satellite link.

The tariff implies a cost of 47 USD/month for 725 MB/month (1 CD). Assuming that Fantsuam stays within the limit of 725 MB/month, the cost of GB would be 65 USD. With todays system, they pay approx. 50 USD per GB (assuming 20 GB/month)

When the 7.5 GB are spent, the subscription needs to be renewed with the provider for another period of 365 days. It is not clear to what price the extension will be provided.

Fantsuam is currently paying 1,008 USD/month for 128/64 kbps. With the PAYG system, they will not need to worry about a fix monthly cost as they will be charged according to how much traffic they use. However, the cost/GB will be higher with PAYG but the risk for Fantsuam will be lower.

Fantsuam will try to sell the old satellite equipment to cover for the expenses. PAYG and another vendor are looking out for buyers for Fantsuam's equipment. However, independent on whether the old satellite equipment will be sold or not, the PAYG system will be implemented the 9th of July.

The PAYG is a voucher system and we will be resellers of the vouchers, with commission on amount of sales. we have to also buy for our internal use as well. The PAYG comes with a captive portal in the provider's side.

Each user buys a voucher that implies it has a quota to use according to the table below:

Months Data Limit Validity Period Voucher Price NGN
0 Minutes 5 MB 1 Day NGN 80.00
1 Hour 10 MB 5 Days NGN 130.00
12 Hours 60 MB 14 Days NGN 1,040.00
24 Hours 150 MB 30 Days NGN 2,600.0
1 Month 500 MB 30 Days NGN 7,150.00
3 Months 1.6 GB 90 Days NGN 20,800.00
6 Months 3.5 GB 180 Days NGN 41,600.00
12 Months 7.5 GB 365 Days NGN 72,800.00

Alberto is concerned how the captive portal will handle the billing of several users within the same NAT as it will appear to the portal, that all traffic come from the same IP address.
Although Ochuko is fairly sure of that this issue is taken care of by the system, he will contact the supplier and discuss the issue.

2. The building of the new server room (NOC)

The excavation of the plot for the new server room has been completed and the architect is expected the 20th of June start to construct the foundation. Still, the funding of the NOC is not secured as it was not included in neither the wireless nor the solar proposal. Alberto has proposed to reallocate 5000 USD from each project budget (wireless and solar) in order to cover for the new NOC.
Ochuko and John explains that there is very little room for funds reallocation from either budgets (wireless or Solar).

In summary, these are the budget constraints:

The total solar budget is 90 076 USD, which includes Fantsuam overhead of 12% (10 809 USD). That leaves 79,267 USD for the actual solar installation.
Yves total solar budget i 81,034 USD including street lamps (no low power computers included).

The cost of bandwidth from June 2006 - July 2007 is 15,512 USD

In summary, there are four items that is still not funded:

1.Bandwidth 15 512 USD + 562 USD = 16074 USD
2.NOC 10 000 USD
3.Low power PC's N/A
4.Reallocation of VSAT dish 1 400 USD

Edith requests a full implementation plan for all four items with budgets. Fantsuam promise to send an implementation plan by Friday the 22nd of June.

3. Agenda for Inauguration Visit in September

It was decided that the joint visit by Edith, Alberto, Louise (and possible Mike Jensen) will take place the third week of September.

Edith, Alberto and Louise will travel together to/from Amsterdam the following dates:

Mon 17 Sep 07 14:05 PM Amsterdam (Schiphol)
Mon 17 Sep 07 20:00 PM Abuja (International)

Mon 24 Sep 07 21:10 PM Abuja (International)
Tue 25 Sep 07 Amsterdam (Schiphol)

This route would imply arrival to Kafanchan lunchtime the 18th of September and leaving again mid-day the 24th. That would give 5 full working days in Kafanchan, plus two half-days.

John will work on the agenda of the visit and send by email.

4. Improved communications

It was agreed on that IT +46 and Fantsuam Foundation needs to set up some organization practices on how to communicate better in the projects. It was proposed and decided to introduce bi-weekly Skype meetings between all actors.
Minutes of the meeting will be taken and published online.
The first meeting was scheduled to July 3rd at 14:00 PM (GMT +1).